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The SwimIO Motion Range

Throughout 2014 we'll be launching a suite of 6 swimming apps for smart watches. Why should runners have all the fun with technology?

SwimIO 1
Swim Recorder

This is the clever one. It automatically counts your laps in the pool. It's currently in BETA.
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SwimIO 2
Kevin Pacey

Want to push yourself for a REAL workout in the pool? Challenge yourself with Kevin Pacey, your all-in-one pacing tool. Download

SwimIO 3
Coming Soon

It's a surprise...

SwimIO 1 Swim Recorder

SwimIO Swim Recorder is in BETA and is not a finished product, so don't expect 100% accuracy. The software will give you feedback while you swim and record your swim. Your swimming data directly improves the product so expect to see it get better quickly. Especially if you can do the occasional Swim Mission. At present it will struggle to handle interruptions or rests in the swim. i.e. If some fast jerk knocks into you then it may count a false lap...

At the Pool

Leave your phone in the locker or somewhere out of Bluetooth range. SwimIO does not need a connection to your phone while swimming. Wear the watch on your left or right wrist.

A 'Swim Set'

Each time you press start & then pause SwimIO saves any swimming done as a seperate set. You can do multiple sets in 1 swim.

The Swim

While you swim you will feel SwimIO vibrate. You can also see a lap count on the Pebble Screen. We are working on new exciting ways for SwimIO to give you feedback.

Syncing the Data

For iOS users, you can sync your swim data to your phone to see it. Crucially, it will also upload the data to SwimIO to help us improve the accuracy and overall experience.

Sync Don't Sink

After your swim, download all your swim data onto an iOS device.

See the time for your swim and all the lap markers. Your swim will be safely stored in the cloud and you can stay motivated by completing our 'Swim Missions'.

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SwimIO Swimmers

Here are just a few of the amazing swimmers helping SwimIO. More coming soon...

Georges-F. Hayet

Quebec City, Canada

My average day Wake up at 6AM, then the rush start! Prepare the kids to go to school! Start to work around 7h30 to 8AM. Have my full day of work (40hrs a week). So quite busy days! I'm swiming twice a week during lunch time with work collegues.

My Pool Very standard 25meters long, indoor pool, but located at 5 minutes by walk from my job.

Why I Swim To keep a minimum cardio health. Winter is long here... and I hate going out! So it keep me in shape before summer to practice bike, water skiing and wind surf.

What I want from SwimIO Get statistics : lap count, total distance, stroke rate, to get datas to try to improve the swiming technique time over time.

Andrea Dulko

Brooklyn, NY USA

My Pool I swim at public pool near my apartment. I like it because it's inexpensive, "Retro" (like 1980s High School gym style), and the bacteria really builds up your immune system.

Why I Swim Triathlon training and fun!

What I want from SwimIO I am obsessed with tracking runs via Runkeeper. Looking for a good swimming counterpart!


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Our SwimIO Beta Pebble App is free Got a Pebble? Give it a go! If you an iOS device you'll also get our awesome companion app.

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Daniel Morgan

Founder / Swimmer

We are a London based startup creating the ultimate experience for swimmers in and out the pool. We make a Gym and Swimming iOS app and have worked with many of the worlds best swimming pools and brands like Speedo.

Our Location

4-5 Bonhill Street, Google Campus, London, EC2A 4BX

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